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The perfect help for bath time

Our new Bath Kneeler and Elbow Saver are designed to give you comfort and ease during bath time, making bath time fun for everyone!

Say "goodbye" to sore knees and bruised elbows!

Premium Quality


Bathe in Comfort


  • 2 separate pieces - one for your knees and one for your elbows.

  • 2 tear resistant pockets (large enough for children’s toys and bath accessories)

  • 6 extra strength suction cups that securely stick to almost all kinds of bathtubs, including traditional claw foot tubs and tubs with shower door tracks. Ensuring your safety when reaching and leaning even on wet surfaces.

  • Extra thick foam provides incredible elbow and knee support.

  • Made from premium quality Neoprene - this set will hold up and is tested to stand everyday usage without forming molds.

  • Machine-washable,

  • Foldable and comes with a zippered case for travel.

  • Non-slip rubber bottom suction cups

Parenting is easier when you have the essentials

That's why at EverTrue Baby, we are committed to creating the best parenting hacks to make life easier and more enjoyable so you can focus on loving your little one.